Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey:

This allows you to create online surveys where you can collect information about your potential target audience, these surveys can be embedded into a blog (like below) or sent via email or facebook.

This survey software also collects and colates your data into charts and graphs for you to analyse at a later date.





Popplet is another mindmap software, this one however can only be used to insert text. This could be used to create a list of initial ideas for your magazine.

You will have to convert your Popplet to an image in order to embed it in your blog as the embed option can fail on some computers.

An example of how a Popplet might look can be seen below:

Theories Revision




This is a mindmap software that can contain text and images. Although this software can be a little clunky at times it can use used effectively if the information is small enough, the trick is to keep your ‘nodes’ small containing a few sentences rather than paragraphs.

An example of a SpicyNode can be seen below:




This website can be used to upload powerpoint presentations to to allow them to be embedded in your blog posts. This is not a particularly creative piece of technology, but can be used to portray information effectively.

An example of a SlideShare can be seen below: