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Evaluation question 7

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Rough notes on the above transcript.
My use of language has developed since my preliminary task I noticed I had a very little amount of buzz words but in my final magazine I used words such as exclusive and plus.This has benefited my work greatly as it means it’s more likely to attract my audience.

Analysing other school magazines gave me an understanding of usual conventions for school magazines in turn making my magazine look more professional.this knowledge grew further however when I analysed existing front covers,contents pages and double page spreads of other magazines.This led to my final magazine looking even more professional than my preliminary task had.

My work on my preliminary task wasn’t very well planned, I learned from this mistake when creating my actual magazine.Having my plan uncoloured meant that I hadn’t planned a colour scheme meaning I was slightly unprepared when choosing font colours etc but my plan for my actual magazine was fully coloured and contributed to the consistency of my colour scheme within my magazine.

My overall timings have also improved since my preliminary task I was more effective with time managment I feel this was largely because by the time I made my actual magazine I had no problem with things in photoshop such as the move tool so spent less time focusing on them and could work faster.


skill development

when referring back to my preliminary task I noticed a lot of skill development in different areas

photography-The images used in my actual magazine were better quality than my preliminary task this is largely due to the quality of cameras used.Using clearer images I feel made my end product look more like a real magazine than my preliminary task.Overall though I do feel my use of camera angles was consistent in my preliminary task and final piece,on my preliminary task I experimented with midshots and over the shoulder shots some of which I also included in my actual magazine.

page layout-I feel my page layout improved since my preliminary task as it became more structured,my contents page for example was slightly messy but in my music magazine these were grouped together on one side,making it easier for the audience to read

use of fonts-My fonts in my preliminary task were fairly plain but in my progression toward my music magazine I d ecided to use websites such as in order to find more interesting fonts this is also benefitiel as it meant I could use fonts to represent my target audience and keep a consistent pop-punk theme throughout the magazine.

mise-en-scene- Since creating my preliminary task school magazine I learned how to use effective lighting within my magazine to make it look clear,professional and relate to the genre.In my preliminary task I considered none of this so just used the natural light around me.
costume and makeup-In my preliminary task I didn’t style a model so the clothes and makeup didn’t relate specifically to the target audience my final music magazine however took deep consideration in to this area and it was improved by having all models make up and clothes link to pop-punk music through the use of darker colours or in some areas slightly bolder prints such as the checked shirt on my contents page.This may attract the right audience more than my preliminary task as it was fairly generalisible and showed no clear theme.

Evaluation question 4

This playlist shows the genre of music my target audience would listen to.This playlist includes artists such as Blink 182,Sum 41,Avril Lavigne,Bowling for Soup,Simple plan and Green day.

Below is an interview with two pop punk fans I know as I also wanted to get their direct opinions on film-

Image editing

When making my magazine I decided to limit the amount of editing within my pictures if possible because punk is about imperfections.I did however change some areas

This image for example,when making my magazine I decided to use the magnetic tool to edit the hair.This was necessary when placing the image over the text because it meant the background could be seen through the curls.

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 2.24.18 PM


I then changed it to this

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.54.27 AM



A second change I made focused on facial imperfections.i used the blemish fix tool to remove a spot from the forehead of my model in this photo-





Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.58.20 AM

Though this change isn’t very noticable I think it helped the magazine look more professional therefore more similar to an actual magazine.