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Magazine copy

In order to gain further knowledge and practice before creating my own magazine I attempted to copy an existing magazine.

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 10.12.06 AM


This is the original magazine copy which I attempted to copy.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 10.09.24 AM


Though unfinished this copy allowed me to practice tools that I may use within my own magazine.Within my copy I used a drop shadow several ties which i’m now more confident with.I was also able to use the magnetic lassoo tool in order to cut out the hand and place it above the writing. This was key to relearn as I plan on using this tool for my own magazine front cover.

Word Cloud- Key vocabulary


This word cloud includes key vocabulary within magazine production.

FC-Front cover
pull quote-a small selection of text pulled out and quoted in a larger type face
mast head-The title of a magazine usually placed at the top of the front cover
buzz words -words used to attract attention such as ‘exclusive’ suggesting the magazine is the only one to cover the story
cover line -Short phrases on the cover of something describing something major inside
skyline -writing at the top of a front cover/sell lines
plugs-information about the smaller stories in the magazine given on the cover
call out-a quote from the cover band/artist used to pull the reader in
teasers-short phrases or words on the front cover to tempt potential readers
puff-words or phrases on the cover of a magazine used to boost its image
slogan-aim to convince readers that the magazine is better than that of its rivals

gutter-The margin of the page at the point of binding

DPS-Double page spread

header-information line at the top of the page

Anchorage-A means of connecting signs to specific meanings

body copy-The main text on the page


dpsdcontent analysis



Existing front cover analysis

A key aspect of this front cover I aim to include within my own magazine is the use of fonts.The font used for the ‘kerrang’ is very expressive and broken representing the loudness of the music that led to this like a broken mirror effect,this is powerful in representing the genre of music.

An important area of this particular front cover I feel would be benefitial to my music magazine is the language used,words such as ‘omg’ and ‘wow’ attract readers by making the articles etc inside seem important and exclusive.This language could be used on my own front cover to attract people to buy/read my music magazine.

In order to keep the theme cosistent throughout the front cover Lily Allen is wearing red and black which are the key theme colours of the magazine.This is something I plan on taking into consideration when choosing appropriate clothes for my model.

An area of vibe magazine i’m also considering for my own magazine is the position of the model.On this front cover Eminem is shown with his arms crossed making him seem uninviting showing the edge the music has.This way of using a pose to show the music genre can be used in my own magazine to represent punk.Having the model have her tounge out for example may represent defiance which is a key aspect of punk.

Again this front cover has made me consider the pose of my model.By having the model on the front cover of Mojo pointing forwards it creates a connection with the reader.On my front cover I could also aim to make a connection with the reader from the model through pointing or possibly through eye contact.