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Analysis of results

After sharing my survey on several social media sites 11 people answered and the results were as follows-

  • 6/11 respondents read music magazines
  • 4/7 then answered that they read music magazines monthly

This shows that maybe within my music magazine I should consider              those reading the magazine may prefer to have a months worth of              information rather than just a week’s.

  •  The three most popular genres were pop,indie and pop punk.

This supports my decision to create a magazine aimed at punk/pop punk as it appears to be popular with those who took part in my survey.

  • 9/11 respondents wrote that they are most attracted to buy a magazine based on whether it includes acts/singers they like

Linking this to my front cover I may include a large central central image of the artist in order to attract attention in turn to appeal to the audience which judging by the survey look out for this when purchasing a magazine.

  • The median amount most respondents said they were willing to pay for a music magazine was 3 pounds

My own music magazine should be focused around this price in order to attract the maximum number of people.