Research into a magazine/ my own magazine plans

Research into music magazine by omgimnaomi on GoAnimate

Top of the pops magazine is a well known magazine around the world.The success of the magazine I believe is largely due to the connection the magazine makes with the readers.Creating the magazine to be slightly informal makes readers feel closer to the magazine and gives a personal feel potentially making them continue to buy the magazine an example of this is the use of’hey girls’on the contents page note from the editor.The informality within the magazine could be incorporated within my editors note but slightly less friendly due to the genre being punk.


Another key feature of top of the pops magazine which I feel would be good to use within my own magazine is the use of a colour scheme to link to the genre.The key theme within top of the pops magazine is pink and purple.This links well to the target audience which are mainly female.I hope to make the target audience clear through my use of colours in order to attract those who have an interest in punk.



front cover

Above are my plans for my own music magazine that i’ve begun to consider.

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