School Magazine – Contents Page


School Magazine Contents Page

This is my school magazine’s contents page. I made this in photoshop using the many tools I mentioned in my previous post about the front cover. I am overall very pleased with my preliminary work and an overall evaluation will be presented in a VoiceThread.


School Magazine – Front Cover


School Magazine FC

This is my school magazine front cover. I was able to make this in photoshop after having many lessons on how to use specific tools. All of these tools came in useful when creating the magazine front cover as the text effects and filters were used a lot. Another tool which came in very useful when making my front cover was the free transform and transform tools. These allowed me to resize images, text boxes and coloured blocks freely and also allowed me to rotate images which were taken in landscape etc. Overall I am pleased with the result of the front cover and have learnt a lot about magazine construction from my preliminary front cover task.


Paper Plan – Contents Page


Paper Plan- Contents Page

This is my paper plan for my contents page of my school magazine. It shows the basic idea behind how I want my contents page to be laid out. I ideally wanted a collage of pictures at the bottom and the page number to be layered on top of this so that it is visible at the bottom.


Paper Plan – Front Cover


Paper Plan - Front Cover

This is my paper plan of my front cover. It is a very basic plan of what I intended for my front cover to look like. I used colour at the top to indicate that the masthead should stand out and the basic layout was that the text boxes should wrap around the central image so that the front cover looks balanced.


Photoshop 3 – Image Manipulation


Photoshop 3

In this lesson, I have learnt how to use more tools in photoshop. These tools have came in very useful in thinking about planning my school magazine itself. I learned how to use the; text, colour blocks, vertical text, clone stamp and image effects whilst using other effects such as feathering that I have learnt about in previous lessons.

I used the spot healing tool today which meant that I could change the ends of her eyebrows and around her mouth to make it a more smooth looking face.


Photoshop 2 – Cutting out and Editing Text


Today I learned how to use many different tools on photoshop for cutting out and manipulating images. I used the following tools for cutting out: the lasso tool, the polygonal lasso, the magnetic lasso and the quick selection tool. If I had to choose a tool to cut out bodies from images I would use the quick selection tool or the magnetic lasso because these tools can select things very precisely and cut out the backgrounds very quickly.

I also learnt how to use the colour isolation tool to select specific colours and change the colour of backgrounds. To use this tool I needed to use one of the cutting out tools from the list above and then invert that selection. After that you select the image menu from the toolbar and under adjustments there is a black and white option which isolates the selected text. This effect is used a lot in magazine production and is probably one of the tools that I will use in my work.

Below is an image of my work from today’s lesson.

Photoshop 2


Today I also learned how to use the text tool. This ranged all the way from inputting and resizing  to manipulating and modifying text. This is the text editing window which opens when you double click on the text layer from the layer selector at the side of the screen. Below is an image of the photoshop text menu. Within this menu you can see many different editing options. Text Options

Below is an image of some of the text work that I have produced in today’s lesson. In the first image I used the bevel & emboss, contour, texture, stroke and drop shadow effects and for the second image I used blending and knocked out the blue channel leaving the green and red exposed more. I also used satin, inner shadow and inner glow to make the text look like a material. These text effects will all come in incredibly useful when making my magazine because text  for a masthead and plugs must look different to determine which is more important.

Overall my second photoshop lesson was incredibly useful and I picked up many useful tools which I can use later on in the course.

Photoshop Text

Analysing School Magazines


This is my Prezi which analyses 3 school magazine front covers and 3 contents pages. In this Prezi I have analysed individual conventions and explained their effects and then I evaluated how conventions are used and what conventions I would or wouldn’t use in my own school magazine.

Photoshop 1- Learning Photoshop


Photoshop Lesson 1


 Today I learned how to use various tools on Adobe Photoshop CS4. In this lesson I leaned how to use various features of the program such as making a new document, opening an image using the marquee tool to make rectangular and elliptical cut outs. I also learned how to feather my cut outs using the feather tool at the top of the program which fades the edges of images as shown above. As well as those tools I also learned how to use the selection, deselection and move tools. I think that all of these tools will come in helpful throughout making my magazine. I see how some of these effects are used in magazines and understand why they are effective. However, I think that I need to limit the amount of times certain effects such as the feather effect is used.

Preliminary Task – Photos for My School Magazine



This is one of the images that I have used for my preliminary task. This task was to make a school magazine for my school. This image will be used as my central image on the front cover of my magazine.

As this was my first post I also learned how to upload images and use them in my blog posts. The simplicity of WordPress means that it is very easy to upload images and evaluate them on my blog