Proof of Contacting Models


This is proof that I have contacted my models for my magazine photo shoot, it contains the screenshots to prove I contacted them, an image of the model themselves and an explanation as to why I chose them to be models for my photo shoot.

Readership Profile


What Music Would My Audience Like?

Below is a playlist of 200 songs which my target audience might possibly listen to. I want my magazine to focus on the indie genre  specifically and I feel these tracks would be appropriate for this genre.

What Age Group Are My Target Audience?

My Target Audience would fit into the age group of 16-24 and they could be either male or female as I don’t think I should limit my audience to a certain gender.

What Brands do They Like?

I think that my target audience wouldn’t specifically wear certain brands, I could see them wearing Doc Martin shoes and oversized shirts with jeans. But I couldn’t see them wanting to keep up with the latest fashion trends and necessarily wear big named brands.

What is Their Socio-Economic Group? 

I believe that my target audience would be middle class and not necesarily wealthy but would have a large interest in indie music.

Planning for Genre Shoot


Below are four different genre plans which were made by each member of my group. I made the Indie shoot plan and all of the captions for the images are below them.

Indie Photo Shoot Plan

Below are 3 images and a quick description of them in terms of our practice photo shoot.

Indie Girl

This photo shows a pose which our model could follow. It also suggests that some indie photo shoots could include the model sitting down and looking away from the camera. For this shot props again would be minimal and the costume follows the same basic scheme of either shorts or jeans with a plain coloured shirt.


Indie Guy

This photo shows costume and props primarily. For example, the model in the photo is holding an accoustic guitar which is a stereotypical instrument to find in Indie music, furthermore the actor is following the same costume scheme of jeans with a plain coloured top but this shoot also shows the model could wear something like a waistcoat too.

Indie Guy 2

This photo shows a stereotypical male indie pose. For this shoot you would need a minimal amount of props meaning it could be completed quickly and efficiently. The costume for the model would also be very simple because it is only jeans and a shirt and trainers. This shot is appropriate because it fits in with the indie theme, pose, and costume.

Classical Photo Shoot Plan

Like the indie shot here are 3 images with descriptions of them that we could use for our photo shoot.


This is a image of Frank Sinatra in a suit which various musicians where. This is a stereotypical image of a man,by making him look successful and smart. There are no props used in this however he does need full suit where, including a hat.

Violin Woman 2

This is an image of a stereotypical woman musician, I know this because the woman is practicing on her music and is dressed very smart. There is a violin as a prop and she is seen as standing up.

Violin Woman

This is an image of a stereotypical woman musician, I know this because the woman is practicing on her music and is dressed very smart. There is a violin as a prop and she is seen as sitting down.

Target Audience Questionnaire Results


This is my infographic which I made using, a free online infographic maker, the last two responses were displayed using a Wordle word cloud which I then uploaded as an image after editing them in photoshop to make the background colour the same as the infographic’s background colour so that it fitted in with the colour scheme.