Research Posts to Complete


Research Posts:

1) Music Magazine Institutions research – Minimum of 2 companies, 1 large [Bauer, IPC] and 1 small [Future, BBC Worldwide]

  • Who are the company?
  • What is their company history?
  • What publications do they manage?
  • A detailed look at 2 of these publications and their target audience. At least 1 of these publications should be a music magazine.

2) Music Magazine analysis – Different genres of music (3-5 Front Covers, 3-5 Contents Pages, 3-5 Double Page Spreads)

  • What are the conventions found on this magazine?
  • How is the cover band/artist being represented? (Denotation and Connotation)
  • How is the magazine representing itself? (Denotation and Connotation)
  • Who is the audience for this magazine? (be specific)
  • What genre is the magazine? How is this shown?
  • What features of the magazine will you use/not use in your own music magazine?

3) Audience Questionnaire and Analysis of questionnaire results (include bar graphs/pie charts)

  • Create a rough plan for your chosen genre of magazine.
  • How do audiences respond to this layout?
  • How will these results affect how you re-draft and create further plans for your magazine?
  • What will you include/not include based on these responses?
  • Who will be your main target market based on these responses?

4) Readership Profile (Who is your audience?)

  • What age are they?
  • What brands do they like?
  • What music do they like?
  • What socio-economic group do they fit into?
  • How does your re-drafted magazine layout appeal to this audience?

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