Task 3: Audience Questionnaire and Analysis



Your online and paper survey should consist of 10 questions looking at gaining information about initial layout idea for the magazine. You should adapt and change this idea based on the results you gain from this survey.

You could start off with questions about:

  • Age
  • Gender

The remaining questions should be geared towards their responses to your layout and content choices for your magazine. These take the form of the following questions:

  • What genre do you think this magazine is?
    • Why do you think that?
  • Would you read the article on the front cover?
    • If not, what articles would you want to read?

The more you know about your audience, the more you can tailor your magazine to suit them.

You should aim to get a mixture of both quantitative (data you can convert into numbers ie: age and gender) and qualitative data (data about thoughts and feelings ie: musical interests). You should also ask a mixture of open and closed questions in your survey to ensure you can gather this information effectively.


To create your online questionnaire you will need to use a website such as Survey Monkey. This will allow you to add questions once you create an account and send them to many different people through email, or by embedding the survey in your blog.



Once you have gathered your information you will need to analyse it.

You should look at

  • How will these results affect how you re-draft and plan your magazine layout and content?
  • What will you include/not include based on these results?
  • Based on these results, who will be your target market?

Survey Monkey produces graphs and charts that can help you analyse your online results, but you will have to produce your own for your paper survey.


Although these examples do not include a magazine layout, good examples of audience questionnaires and analysis can be seen here:

Example Blog 1    And Here

Example Blog 2



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