Task 2: Music Magazine Analysis



You will need to create an analysis of 3-5 FC, CP and DPS’s

Make sure you cover a range of genres with your analysis, comparing the similarities and differences of each genre and magazine.

You should look at:

  • The conventions found on this magazine?
  • How is the cover band/artist being represented? (Denotation and Connotation)
    • Stereotypes/Counter Stereotypes
  • How is the magazine representing itself? (Denotation and Connotation)
  • Who is the audience for this magazine? (be specific)
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Brand/music interests
  • What genre is the magazine? How is this shown?
    • Image
    • Mode of Address
    • Typography
    • Content
  • What features of the magazine will you use/not use in your own music magazine?


You might also want to think about:

  • The background of the company that prints the magazine
    • Would this affect the content of the magazine at all?
  • What the magazines USP is?
  • What is its brand/house style?


Some good examples of analysis can be seen here:

Example Blog 1

Example Blog 2

Example Blog 3


Images of real music magazines for you to analyse can be found here.


Lesson on Task 3:


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