Digital Technology, Distribution, Exhibition and Streaming


The following clips give you a variety of information about Digital Technology in cinema and its advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional film methods and technology.

Film and Digital Production:


Key Digital Films:


Digital Projection/Exhibition:


3D and CGI:


CGI in Avatar:



CGI in Monsters;




Digital Distribution, Exhibition and Streaming:

Additional Material


Film Industry:

The BBC have been broadcasting a PodCast on the Film Industry hosted by Mark Kermode, one of the leading film critics in the UK. Its both interesting and incredibly useful for your exam with some great detail you can add to your essays.

Give it a listen here:

Or here:


There are also several free legal ways to watch 2 films that are Pro piracy. I have posted the links to them below.

The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard (TPB:AFK)

You can watch this film in browser

Steal This Film: Part 1 & 2

This film needs you to download the file in order to view it, however the download is both free and completely legal.

This article also talks about the figures surrounding piracy, looking at how legitimate they may be and how they are acquired.

Past Exam Questions:

  • The increase in hardware and content in media industries has been significant in recent years. Discuss the effect this has has on institutions and audiences in the media area you have studied.


  • Evaluate the role of digital technologies in the marketing and consumption of products in the media area you have studied.


  • What impact does media ownership have on the range of products available to audiences in the media you have studied?


  • “Cross Media Convergence and Synergy are vital processes in the successful marketing of media products to audiences.” To what extent do you agree with this statement in relation to your chosen media area?


  • To what extent does digital distribution affect the marketing and consumption of media products in the area you have studied?


  • “Successful media products depend as much upon marketing and distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production practices.” To what extent would you agree with this statement, within the media area you have studied?


  • Discuss the issues raised by media ownership in the production and exchange of media texts in your chosen media area.


  • What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for media institutions and audiences?


  • “Media production is dominated by global institutions, which sell their products and services to national audiences.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?


  • How important is technological convergence for institutions and audiences within a media area which you have studied?


  • Discuss the ways in which media is produced and distributed to audiences, within a media area you have studied.

Film Production


This Prezi contains all the information from the lessons you have had on Film Production.

Clips from Lessons:

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Introductions and Terminology


This Prezi contains the first 5 lessons you have had on the Institutions and Audiences section of your exam. To go to a particular section click on it in the Prezi and then cycle through as you would normally.

The sections in this Prezi are:

  • Info and Audiences
  • Industries and Institutions
  • The Big 6 and Media Ownership
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood
  • Defining British Cinema