Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?


Question Breakdown:

You MUST include some audience feedback on your finished products in your response to this question. Your post it notes/videos can help you here.
To complete these questions:
  • Insert your products into your blog and annotate them in line with professional magazines which have a similar target audience
    • What have you done that’s similar in order to have audience appeal (colours, poses, costume, fonts).
  • Point out what stylistic decisions you made in light of your initial primary audience research (did you challenge any of the professional texts in order to make your product appeal to its intended audience?)
    • You should consider the following:
      • Use of language/mode of address
      • Use of font
      • Contents (ref to bands/exclusives)
      • Images
      • Masthead etc…
  • Highlight how you made changes to your rough cut in light of audience feedback (include images of your rough cuts and compare to your final products, clearly signalling where the changes took place and why).
  • Conduct some final audience feedback with your target audience. The questions below would make a useful start.
    • What draws your attention to the product?
    • What genre is it and how do you know?
    • What do you consider are the strengths of the product?
    • Would you purchase the product and why?
    • How would you improve the product?
  • You should also consider how your initial (and continued) audience research impact on your decisions on how to target your audience? How did you modify your product in order to meet target audience needs more effectively?


Example Response 2

Example Response 3

Example Response 4


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