Question 4: Who would be the audience for your music magazine?


Question Breakdown:

For this question you need to:
  • Visually show who your audience members are
    • Outline what tastes they have (shops, labels, drinks etc.)
    • What they do in their spare time (sport, clubbing, going to gigs etc.)
    • What type of music they listen to? (images of bands, cd covers, videos etc…)
  • You can also consider and include the following:
    • Who is the core buyer of your magazine?
      • Consider percentage of males to females, ethnicity, age.
      • What socio-economic group do they fall into?
      • Psychographic profiling – this describes the behaviour of your audience and investigates how people see themselves.
        • Which group would your audience fall into?
  • How have you used this information to ‘strike a cord’ with your audience (competitions, exclusive interviews and reviews etc…)


This question gives you the chance to be really creative with your presentation. Creative presentation is a great way to pick up some extra marks!


Example Response 1
Example Response 3

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