Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your music magazine and why?


Question Breakdown:

You need to research into magazine distributors:
  • What company would distribute your product?
    • You should look at their magazine portfolio for this
    • Do they distribute magazines from the same music genre as yours?
  • When thinking about why they might distribute your product think about the types of magazines they already work with.
    • Do they know the target audience well?
      • What benefit would this have when distributing your product?
    • Is your product similar but slightly different?
      • Why might this be a good thing?
    • Does the company have a good reputation?
      • Why is this important?
    • Is your product mainstream or more niche (this will affect the company that works with it)?
  • How would your magazine be advertised?
    • How are similar magazines advertised and where are they sold/viewed?
    • How would your product be distributed?
  • Think about changing society as we see the emergence of web 2.0. Alongside shops how else might your product reach people e.g. would people subscribe through the web and have the magazine posted to their house?


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