Question 1: In what ways does your music magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?


Question Breakdown:

This should cover ALL THREE PAGES of your magazine

You should:
  • Reference your initial research (textual and photography)
  • What did you find to be the forms and conventions of the magazine genre you were researching?
    • Give real magazine examples
  • How did you consider these forms and conventions when planning your product?
    • Give specific examples
  • How did you use these forms and conventions in your products?
    • Give specific examples
  • Did you challenge any of the forms and conventions?
    • How and why? (you may want to reference your initial audience research here.
  • You must – compare you products to professional products. You should include screen shots of both your work and professional texts and highlight the similarities. Strong responses to this question would cut up professional texts and aspects of their own work to discuss the micro detail.


Example Response 1:

Example Response 2:

Example Response 3:

Question 1 Spiderscibe Example

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