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Practice Question – How important is merchandise to producers and audiences?


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Introduction – 

Merchandise is important to producers for a number of reasons, one of the primary reasons being that it “keeps the brand visible beyond the life of the film” extending the profitability of the film itself. Alongside merchandising product placements and promotions with other companies can also assist this aim, these combined with interviews, posters and teaser trailers such as those used in Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens can also be used to create hype and extend profitability.

Alongside producers merchandise can also be vitally important to audiences with many of the products being “made to make money from children” ensuring films such as Batman and Inside Out hit their target market. Merchandising can also be an effective marketing tool for adults with large events such as Comic Con used to sell merchandise directly to a niche adult audience.


Paragraph 1 – Merchandise IS important to producers

Hobbit article used in introduction – merchandising forms an integral part of film advertising extending the life of a product beyond its initial cinema and DVD release.

Harry Potter example – Studio Tours, Wands, Cloaks, Limited Edition DVD releases – Extends profitability of the film

Disney – All films are marketed through merchandise using own branded stores and products. Most recent film Star Wars marketed through merchandise since its conception extending a brand from the 1960’s all the way to modern day.

James Bond – Similar to Star Wars, brand extended through merchandise from initial conception in the 1960’s through to modern day.



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