R7: Case study- music video directors


Develop a case study on a chosen music video director. At the Media Magazine Production Awards you heard Lindy Heyman tell you about her career directing music videos as well an TV and films. Other examples of directors are: Jake Wynne, Corin Hardy, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham

Questions to consider are: How did they become music video directors? What work have they done (embed examples) What other work have they done? What else have they directed?

Example blog 1

Example blog 2

R9: Digipak and advert research


As well as producing a music video you also have to design and create the digipak and magazine advert for the digipak’ release. Before you design your own you need to research real products and analyse them in terms of the 5 key concepts. For example, If you have chosen to produce a Pop video then you need to research the conventions of Pop digipak artwork and explain how you might use/ challenge these conventions with your own products.