R11 – Music Video Analysis – Audience


You will need to analyse 3-5 music videos in terms of audience, the majority of these music videos should be for the genre/audience of your music video.

You will need to think about:

  • Who the audience is?
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Interests (outside of music)
  • How is the video attempting to appeal to the audience?
  • How will you attempt to appeal to your audience with your video?

R10: Music video analysis – Genre


As a group you will need to analyse 3-5 music videos in your chosen genre.

  • What conventions do they use?
  • Are there any conventions you would expect to see missing from the music video?
  • Is the video a hybrid of any other genre?
  • How do you plan to incorporate these conventions in your own music video?

Remember to look at colour scheme, editing, props, costume and how the artist/band is being represented in the video. Make this a detailed analysis for better marks.

A prezi to help with this is below: