Section B Essay Structure


This structure is only a guide for your essay, if you want to break up the paragraphs further you can. If you want to change the order you can.


Introduction – 

Introduce concept of Identity (Key theorist of your choice)

Introduce concept of British Youth as a Collective Identity, BRIEFLY mention texts (Quadrophenia, Newspaper Riots, Brotherhood, This Courntry, Future Tech)


Paragraph 1 –

Quadrophenia PEETA

Remember to include specific micro detail for the scene in your example


Paragraph 2 –

Brighton Riots PEETA

Remember to include specific quotes in your newspaper examples



Paragraph 3 –

Brotherhood PEETA

Remember to include a specific scene and micro detail in your examples.

Remember to include a short introduction to Modern Youth representation including either Harry Brown, Kidulthood or Eden Lake at the start. This should be brief and only give context.


Paragraph 4 –

This Country + Future Technology PEETA

Remember to include specific micro detail for the scene in your example, and specific case studies for your digital/future technology



Conclusion –

Conclude with an identity theorist if you can and make sure you refer back to the question.

Additional Reading Articles


Below are a number of articles you may want to read to add extra information to your essays. Reading around this subject is key to achieving a Level 4.

Rupert Murdoch is now an old man on a lonely throne at News Corp:

Stereotypes ‘makes teen feel they’re in the minority’

Negative stereotypes ‘hurting teenage job prospects’

Bernardos Research finds 54% of adults view children as “feral”

Attack The Block Additional Reading: Monsters, race, and the tower block

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