Essay Structure



Introduce key area (digital tech/post-production ect….)

Introduce AS + A2 Coursework pieces

For example:

During my A level media course I have worked to create several different media products, in my AS year I created a Music magazine in the genre of ……… . In my A2 year I created a music video for the song ……., I also created a digipak and advert for this project. My skills in …………. have grown and developed since the start of my AS year, this improvement has allowed me to drastically improve the quality of my A2 coursework.

Paragraph 1:

Skill 1 – AS starting points

Skill 1 – A2 developments


Paragraph 2:

Skill 2 – AS starting points

Skill 2 – A2 developments


Paragraph 3:

Skill 3 – AS starting points

Skill 3 – A2 developments



Summarise how your skills have developed in the key area

For example:

My skills in ……….. and ………… have clearly developed from my AS music magazine to my A2 music video, digipak and advert allowing me to better understand the (digital technologies and post-production techniques etc….) necessary for producing a professional quality product.

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