Evaluation posts to complete


Divide the 4 questions below up between your group. Don’t forget to use a variety of ICT in the presentation to achieve a Level 4.


1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  • Your media product is your video, digipak and advert.
  • You need to evaluate how each one uses, develops and challenges conventions (ingredients) of actual videos, digipaks and adverts.
  • Therefore, if your genre is R’n’B say how your product is the same/different to actual R’n’B videos, digipaks, adverts.

Here is an example of a level 4 response for this question.

Level 4 Response: Example 1

Level 4 Response: Example 2

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

  • Main product is your VIDEO
  • Ancillary texts are your DIGIPAK and ADVERT
  • You need to show how the themes in your video link to your digipak and then your advert.
  • Look out for actors, themes, motifs, fonts and colours.
  • How is a clear sense of BRAND IDENTITY being created?
  • Don’t forget to say if there is anything you think you could change to make the brand identity clearer!

Level 4 Response

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

  • You need to collect as much audience feedback as possible for all three product (video, digipak and advert).
  • Use a video camera, go and interview people giving their opinions.
  • Use the feedback we do in class.
  • Use Facebook/Twitter to encourage audience feedback.
  • Analyse what people say about your video, digipak and advert.
  • Comment on their comments: say what you might change as a result of feedback.

Level 4 Response: Example 1

Level 4 Response: Example 2


4. How did you use media technologies in the construction, evaluation and research and planning stages?
    • Break this up into 3 sections: Construction, R&P and Evaluation.
    • Make a list of all media technologies you used.
    • For example in R&P: internet, YouTube, SchoolTube, SurveyMonkey, Prezi, cameras and Final Cut Express.
    • For example in Construction: video/still camera, Final Cut Express, iPhone and Timelapse App.
    • For example in Evaluation: Final Cut Express, SchoolTube and video cameras.

Level 4 Response

Ideas for presenting your evaluation questions
Don’t forget you MUST NOT write an essay for these questions. Text answers are not allowed. Make sure you include lots of ICT in your presentation.
  • Directors’ commentary (use Final Cut, record voiceover of you commentary, use visuals of your video, digipak and advert as you present your answer).
  • Video presentation (use the board in A4/5, video yourself doing a presentation.
  • Video presentations of audience feedback (stay away from pie charts and bar charts).
  • Prezi (although not too much).
  • Images, links, upload lots of REAL music videos.
Write the question YOU are going to do:
Describe HOW you are going to approach answering this and WHAT ICT you are join to use in the presentation (don’t forget you need a VARIETY so talk to your group about different ways of doing this).

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