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Harry Potter Studio Tour 2016

On the 18th April, a group of AS Media and Film students went to Leavesden Studios, sound stages J and K (JK…Rowling, get it?) for the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  The day started well, when technology let the poor driver down and took us into an industrial estate!!  We eventually made it and entered into The Great Hall.

IMG_2639 IMG_2640

Once we were in, we were greeted by…what looked like a JK Rowling look-a-like!  She took us through to have a lesson about marketing, giving the students some very neat tips and tricks on how the industry worked.

IMG_2644 IMG_2646
After a very quick hour, students went off in all directions to explore The Magical World of Harry Potter.

20160418_120032 20160418_120041 20160418_120050
A few students paying MUCH more attention learning how to duel than learning how to Photoshop!

IMG_0646Flying the car to Hogwarts.

20160418_115201 20160418_115259 IMG_264720160418_11484920160418_12144120160418_121508
New this year was The Hogwarts Express.  Inside, are several compartments dressed to look like one of each of the films.

Also new this year, was Butterbeer Ice Cream.  Yum!

A few hours later, we left the tour with geeky new items to decorate our homes with!



The Oscars 2015

The Oscars were held on Wednesday 20th May.  Everyone came in their best ball gowns ready for a lovely evening.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a list of the nominees and winners:

Best Cinematography (Music Video):
Peace- Higher than the Sun
MKTO- Classic
WINNER: Peace- Higher than the Sun.

Best Special Effects (Music Video):
Skrillex- First of the Year
David Guetta ft. Skowtek- Bad
WINNER: Skrillex- First of the Year.

Best Narrative (Music Video):
George Ezra- Budapest
Disclosure- White Noise
WINNER: George Ezra- Budapest.

Best Production Team: MKTO- Classic.

Best Interview (Documentary):
Lewis Gilbert- Am I still Autistic?
Lia McCarthy- What is Gender Equality?
WINNER: Lia McCarthy- What is Gender Equality?

Best Concept (Documentary):
Katie Baigent- We all need Heros
Stephanne Nwaneho- Netflix- The New Drug?
WINNER: Stephanne Nwaneho- Netflix- The New Drug?

Best Cinematography (Documentary):
Emily Harrison- Live Inspired
Danny Curtis- Best day of my life.
WINNER: Emily Harrison- Live Inspired.

Individual awards.

Best Actor- Harry Tidbury
Best Actress- Naomi Phillips
Best Director- Lewis Gilbert
Best Editor (Music Video)- Matt Wharton
Best Editor (Documentary)- Danny Curtis
Outstanding commitment to a blog- Jamal Kamara
Best Stage Manager- Amy Gray
Individual Progress Award- Carina Ward and James Webb
Lifetime Achievement- Lewis Gilbert
Critics’ Choice (Music Video)- George Ezra- Budapest
Critics’ Choice (Documentary)- Danny Curtis- Best day of my life
LHS Music Video 2015- MKTO- Classic
LHS Documentary 2015- Emily Harrison- Live Inspired.

If you would like to see any of these videos, they are on the Heathen Media YouTube Channel here.