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A2 Media Studies Homework:

You need to answer the following question over Easter:

How are young people represented in contemporary media?

Use your theories from lessons as well as the information on the blog to help you.

  • Due in 13A – 4th May
  • Due in 13E – 1st May

Easter Homework AS Film Studies:

Both Classes need to complete 2 separate essays over the Easter break. One of these essays must be the following:

Compare how the key messages and values of the American films you have studied reflect the times in which they were made?

You will also need to pick ONE of the following questions to answer, you can find a list of your options by clicking on this link: Past Essay Questions

  • Due in 12E – 21st April
  • Due in 12A – 21st April

Easter Homework AS Media Studies:

Film Industry

What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for media institutions and audiences?

  • Due in 12D/Md2 – 27th April

Use the comments from your previous essay to improve your writing for this essay.


Complete the 7 evaluation questions and post them on your blog. 

Help for each of the questions can be found here:


Harry Potter Studio Tour

On Friday 13th March, Media and Film took a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios.
We arrived and got handed our tickets:
IMG_0712 IMG_0716

After a short introduction, we saw the cupboard under the stairs and the Great Hall.


The year 12s went into have a short lesson on the media industry before enjoying a nice cup of butterbeer!

IMG_0748 IMG_0747IMG_0761 IMG_0763

Everyone saw the rest of the tour and bought a lot of stuff!!